Is overpopulation a problem?

I just saw a post by NowThis where they say we might be able to extend the average human life with 35% and first thing I read in the comments is people complaining about overpopulation.

Overpopulation is not a problem as long as people are given good education. statistics show that in Europe and countries with good education available the birth rate is barely at 2 kids per pair. this is because educated people think a lot about finance and economics. While in other countries with low education or in some places in Africa where it is close to none the birth rate is often 12 kids per pair. and the average is 9,5 if i remember right. Make good education available for all humans and the number of humans will stabilize on perfect number. As education have been boosted in Africa recently we are already seeing that the number of kids per pair is drooping. Another problem is that when we do get to the point where are having statistically two kids per pair the population will actually drop, as age is not the only death reason in this world. Accidents happen, natural disasters, viruses, and suicide. So I think it is a good time to extend the life time for humans. Stop complaining about overpopulation as it wont happen. Some say we are to many already, but we are not, it just looks that way because we currently threat earth like shit. So go ahead, make more kids, teach them how to care for the planet and make us all live longer.

Here is two very educational videos for you to watch the second one “The Overpopulation Myth” is the most detailed one, very recommended watch!


A Fresh Start

Sometimes in life you feel the need for a fresh start, and you want to start with blank sheets. I feel a bit like this now, that’s somewhat the main reason to why I temporarily hided all my older posts on this blog. To be honest I have not had the right motivation to continue where I left, my life have changed to much and I have also changed.

My current situation is that I have made a few new connections or “friends” as we call it, that seems to be some that I will keep for a change. I have also gotten a new job, i’m 3 months in it now and I can only say positive things so far. But so are most jobs after just a few months. What’s different with this job is that I feel I have found my place, I feel I belong at this place. And that’s new.

My new job, it’s a very busy one, and can be stress-full, but not to bad kind of stress. I think the secret to handle it is seeing that my bosses seems to be happy with the work I do. And I suppose as long as I manage to keep it that way, the stress and pressure wont harm me. It is also very motivating to know that it’s not just a job with a dead end. I feel I get responsibility and opportunities about every day. I hope I can finally start to build a carrier. I guess only time can tell if this is the right place for me or not.


Password-protected posts!

Hello, or welcome back.

I have decided to hide most post from 2014 and older for various reasons. I write a lot about my toughs and opinions on this blog and sometime the past seems to stretch it claws into the future. However I do not wish to forget the past as it is the recipe to who I am and where I am today. So I simply put a simple password on it so that I better can control the damage it can do to the future. People who know me well will still be able to read these older posts. The posts who are password-protected will again be available for the public at the right time as they become relevant. Currently they are not.

I don’t have much to hide on this blog, I simply write here to clear my head, make up my mind about things and make a good read for readers.

Trip to Spain


In week 7 me and my family traveled to Spain for vacation. I don’t travel very often but have been to Spain 3 times before. so this was my 4 trip to Spain. More exactly we traveled to Gran Canaria which is a scallop-shaped island in the sea, More close to Senegal than Spain.

I don’t know why these islands so far from Spain belong to Spain. My every trip to Spain have been to this island. and we have always stayed around the cities Puerto Rico, and Amadores.

Well, that’s the facts. What I really wanted to talk about is how I feel about this dry and sandy rock in the sea. It’s probably paradise for most people, but not to me. When I was there, after just two days I kinda felt trapped. I very soon missed the cold but green Norway, the refreshing cold air and clean water. We can’t even drink the water produced on that island, we need to buy it on bottles in the store, and I don’t even like the taste of that water. It’s not tasting fresh. Most water in Norway is by melted glaciers, then the water flows free through the nature and get’s naturally purified by sand and rocks and nature down the river and waterfalls. And when i’m thinking about that, I did also miss that when I was in Spain. Seeing rivers and waterfalls. In Spain there isn’t even a single little stream. But there was allot of water however, but I prefer fresh water. Crystal Clear Living Fresh Water! In the nature, not just around it. Get it?

Also I quickly got bored of the dry, rocky, and sandy landscape. If I got to pick the name for this island i would name it: Dead Island. Because nothing grow’s there naturally. The plants and nature there is not able to take care of itself. The most green point of the island is around the highway, where you also clearly see the watering cables. And what grows there got planted. On the bright side, they don’t have to pull weeds. And if there is stuff growing by itself on this Island, it doesn’t look nice. I have seen some dry (looking dead) bushes in the rocky-sandy mountains there. Even all the plant’s that was planted and do get watered seems to have allot of dead leaves and stuff hanging on them.

The air temperature is hot and can be nice, but I din’t like the air quality. It was not dirty, but something still missing. I think it’s the refreshening thing the plant’s do with the air here in Norway and Scandinavia, and probably elsewhere. But not here! It’s just allot of sea and some dead and half dead plant’s.

I also was a bit bored staying here, I felt my options of what to do was limited. We stayed much at the pool and a little in the pool. I think the pool actually was very dirty. At night in the spotlight you could actually see the fat and dead skin floating around on the water surface. This pool cleaning system was not by taking in water from the surface, no. the exit holes to the cleaning system was far below the water surface. Effectively making the pool quiet, but not clean! I think BlueStar Hotell Should look into this! And the internet I had to pay for, stooped working the 3 last days!


We was also on the beach some of the days. It is as nice as it looks on the pictures without the facts. Salty water, but cleaner than the pool (probably not) But I like to think that, because i sure swallowed to much of that sea water… Also it was a bit disturbing seeing everything I would not want to see there on the beach. It was too many old half dead people and to little of the good looking younger people. So I started to think, Maybe Spain is for Old people and not young ones. Yea, I think that’s it! Old rotting people like sun and heat, and don’t care about fresh stuff. While young people want’s thing fresh and cold and want to do sporty stuff.

At evening/night all you can do is go to town and get drunk for little money. I don’t usually drink or get drunk. But one of the night’s we was too see a Michael Jackson show, but it was so terribly bad that I went and had to many drinks but I got in a better mode. That’s also the night I again learned they don’t mix the drinks the way they do in Norway here. But at least it made the time go very fast for a while. But then I had to pay the price, and I’m not talking about money.

In the end of the week we finally returned to Norway the same way we got there. In a big but cramped Norwegian plane. I still believe it’s better than SAS, but I hate traveling by air. where I really feel trapped. You got very little space, you can not walk around whenever you want. and must sit in you tiny seat for 5-6 hours. I cant get of the plane whenever I want like I can if I’m siting on a bus. Or a boat. And if you can’t get of a boat at last you can walk around and got space around you. actually i feel there is more space on a bus than on a plane. My favorite traveling method is by boat. And I love BIG Boats! When a boat is that big that you can bring shopping centers, pools, apartment’s with bedrooms and bathrooms, and maybe golf areas and stuff you got on land with you. Then the boat and traveling object is perfect. The bigger the better! I would rather travel a year on a cruise ship than 5 hours with a plane. I also bet the boat would get from Norway to Spain within a week. And when it arrives Spain I would not leave the boat! When i’m on a movable cruise ship I would feel perfectly fine. On a grounded rock in the sea I would not!