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One brain, too many toughs.

Hello, I’m Thomas.

Currently i’m 23 years old, live in Norway and work somewhere at the airport. I did recently quit my job at the airport and got a new one somewhere else at the airport. That’s what i have been doing the last years, and my current job is my third job on the same airport. The reason i’m going to start this blog is that I have been thinking a lot lately, and want to share my toughs with the whole world. And the “whole world” thing is the main reason why i’m writing in English. My main language is Norwegian, and my English is self learned by chatting with people all over the world. Also a big thanks to Google for learning me English the fun way!

This is my first post on this simple blog, I want to keep it simple, so it might be mostly text.

What i’m probably going to write much about is stuff I think about, and a little how the world is in my eyes.