Monthly Archives: September 2015

A Fresh Start

Sometimes in life you feel the need for a fresh start, and you want to start with blank sheets. I feel a bit like this now, that’s somewhat the main reason to why I temporarily hided all my older posts on this blog. To be honest I have not had the right motivation to continue where I left, my life have changed to much and I have also changed.

My current situation is that I have made a few new connections or “friends” as we call it, that seems to be some that I will keep for a change. I have also gotten a new job, i’m 3 months in it now and I can only say positive things so far. But so are most jobs after just a few months. What’s different with this job is that I feel I have found my place, I feel I belong at this place. And that’s new.

My new job, it’s a very busy one, and can be stress-full, but not to bad kind of stress. I think the secret to handle it is seeing that my bosses seems to be happy with the work I do. And I suppose as long as I manage to keep it that way, the stress and pressure wont harm me. It is also very motivating to know that it’s not just a job with a dead end. I feel I get responsibility and opportunities about every day. I hope I can finally start to build a carrier. I guess only time can tell if this is the right place for me or not.


Password-protected posts!

Hello, or welcome back.

I have decided to hide most post from 2014 and older for various reasons. I write a lot about my toughs and opinions on this blog and sometime the past seems to stretch it claws into the future. However I do not wish to forget the past as it is the recipe to who I am and where I am today. So I simply put a simple password on it so that I better can control the damage it can do to the future. People who know me well will still be able to read these older posts. The posts who are password-protected will again be available for the public at the right time as they become relevant. Currently they are not.

I don’t have much to hide on this blog, I simply write here to clear my head, make up my mind about things and make a good read for readers.