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Is overpopulation a problem?

I just saw a post by NowThis where they say we might be able to extend the average human life with 35% and first thing I read in the comments is people complaining about overpopulation.

Overpopulation is not a problem as long as people are given good education. statistics show that in Europe and countries with good education available the birth rate is barely at 2 kids per pair. this is because educated people think a lot about finance and economics. While in other countries with low education or in some places in Africa where it is close to none the birth rate is often 12 kids per pair. and the average is 9,5 if i remember right. Make good education available for all humans and the number of humans will stabilize on perfect number. As education have been boosted in Africa recently we are already seeing that the number of kids per pair is drooping. Another problem is that when we do get to the point where are having statistically two kids per pair the population will actually drop, as age is not the only death reason in this world. Accidents happen, natural disasters, viruses, and suicide. So I think it is a good time to extend the life time for humans. Stop complaining about overpopulation as it wont happen. Some say we are to many already, but we are not, it just looks that way because we currently threat earth like shit. So go ahead, make more kids, teach them how to care for the planet and make us all live longer.

Here is two very educational videos for you to watch the second one “The Overpopulation Myth” is the most detailed one, very recommended watch!